What is the ‘aerux’ broadband?

Glw broadband is a new type of broadband, offering access to a wide range of high-speed internet connections.It is aimed at a range of people who need to travel or commute to their jobs.Al Jazeera’s Sarah Bannister reports from London.

Telstra’s NBN could have more competition, experts say

Telstra has faced criticism over its controversial NBN project, with one expert saying it was not an NBN to compete with its rivals.Telstra CEO David Thodey spoke out on Monday to defend his company’s controversial plan to build a fibre optic network to cover 90 per cent of the nation’s premises by 2020.Mr Thodeys comments follow a report that the […]

Which countries are the best to get high-speed internet?

The top five countries to get access to high-end Internet are all located in Europe.The US, the UK, Canada and Australia are all among the best places to receive high-quality internet, according to the data from the Broadband Council of Canada.But the United States is often overlooked as a prime place to get the most bang for your buck when […]

Which Australian broadband providers are offering broadband at the highest speed?

Australia’s largest telco has just announced a deal to provide fibre-to-the-home service at speeds up to 4G speeds.AT&T and iiNet have signed a deal worth $30 billion.AT+S will provide a service that can deliver up to 400Mbps (up to 10 times the speed of current copper network) to consumers in the state of NSW and the Australian Capital Territory, and […]