Chisholmic broadband: The best broadband in the world?

A former Canadian telecommunications executive says there are still some broadband options available in the country.As of July 1, the government has no plans to introduce a broadband tax, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t alternatives.The problem is that the federal government is trying to get its hands on the vast majority of Canadians’ broadband, said John Chisholski, who left […]

How to troubleshoot Wheatland’s broadband issues

Wheatland Communications, the satellite provider that has suffered from internet problems in the last few years, is getting another headache this week when it reported that it is facing a new set of challenges.In a notice to its customers on Wednesday, Wheatland said that it was having to temporarily suspend its internet service, affecting about 4,400 customers.It said the disruption […]

How to fix the internet blackout caused by a global power outage

This article is about the internet outage caused by an outages of power supply in the United States.This article is a stub.You can help New Scientist by expanding it.We have no control over what happens on the internet.But we do have control over how we use it.The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is trying to fix this problem by making […]

How the Rise of Broadband Internet is Ruining Your Xbox One

Microsoft has announced a $20 million crowdfunding campaign to help Xbox One owners fix a major problem with its broadband internet: the rise of broadband cable.In the first of a series of announcements today, Microsoft announced that it will donate $20m to help fund “the largest Internet infrastructure investment in gaming history.”The Xbox One has been experiencing a number of […]