How to build a ‘digital gold mine’ for the digital economy

A key element of Australia’s $5 trillion digital economy is the NBN.The national broadband network was designed to enable the rollout of fibre-optic lines to deliver faster broadband speeds to the country’s most densely populated regions.However, it has been plagued by problems in construction, with many of the state and territory governments saying it has not been built to its […]

Why I don’t buy the Xbox One X and I’m not happy about it

In December, Microsoft released the Xbox X and announced that it would be launching a brand new, all-in-one (BYO) gaming console in April 2020.The Xbox One S, the successor to the original Xbox, was announced in June and was scheduled for release in 2020.The next month, however, Microsoft announced that its Xbox One Pro gaming console would be delayed by […]

Open broadband plans hit with a major legal challenge

By opening up the market to competition, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is opening up a huge opportunity for those who want to get more out of their broadband connection, but still use traditional telephone lines.The Federal Communications Act (FAC) requires that ISPs must offer broadband connections to all consumers.Many consumers are opting for the option of using their broadband […]