How to get the most out of Netflix on an un-wired broadband connection

The average consumer uses un-wired broadband at home at a rate of about 4Mbps.That’s about the speed of most Internet connections.In fact, Netflix’s un-wireless connection is so slow it makes it harder for some streaming services to work.But if you’re looking for a fast, reliable streaming service that can stream a wide range of video content, you’re going to have […]

A ‘super-fast’ internet is coming to the South

In the last two weeks, the Federal Government has confirmed plans to roll out fibre to the node (FTTN) broadband network across the country.This means people will be able to access their favourite services over the internet as they go about their daily lives.The NBN is an expensive proposition, but it is being rolled out as quickly as it can.It […]

How to buy a wave broadband router for $400, $500 or $600

What do you need to get your home connected to the Internet?That depends on what you want to do with your Internet connection, the question is how much you pay and where to go to get it.For the purposes of this article, we’re going to look at the wave router that the folks at WaveConnect are selling for $4,995.That’s a […]

When you buy your own broadband, you’re paying for it

You buy your home broadband from a company and then you install it on your home.You have the choice of a fixed or variable rate.And you have the option of a pay-as-you-go (PASG) plan, meaning the cost is not shared by you and the company.The fixed rate usually comes with a fixed monthly rate and a monthly cap.For the variable […]

How to make your home broadband internet work better: The first thing you need to know

The U.S. has a long history of broadband failure.The problem with that history is that the failure is largely due to the nature of the business.There are two kinds of business in the broadband business: the broadband provider, which is responsible for providing service to customers, and the network provider, the company that maintains and connects the network to the […]

How much does satellite broadband make you?

The internet is going digital faster than ever before, but it’s not all about the internet: It’s about the connections.As we’ve said before, internet speeds are still going to be an issue.The internet has become the backbone of our lives and our economy, so we need a strong infrastructure that supports this new reality.A big part of that is using […]

Google, Amazon are getting into the mobile broadband game

Google, Facebook, and other tech companies are investing in wireless broadband networks.But they’re not going all the way to gigabit speeds.That’s what a new class of wireless broadband technologies called “Luminate” networks could do.Here’s how they work.The Luminate network is based on the same principles as fiber optic cables.They are essentially cables, with each end having a copper-based layer and […]

Rural broadband internet service is on the brink of extinction

A rural internet service provider is facing a growing backlash over a proposed plan to sell its service to local authorities.The Government is set to introduce legislation to allow the sale of broadband services from small and medium-sized businesses to people on low and moderate incomes, after being urged to do so by the Business Council of Australia.In a letter […]

What is Google Fiber?

It’s been almost three years since Google announced it was going to build a network of super-fast fiber optic lines that would go everywhere in the world.That network is now in full operation and we’ve got our first look at what Google Fiber looks like today.Google Fiber is the most important thing to happen to Internet infrastructure since Comcast went […]

Comcast to begin rolling out new service for subscribers with no broadband

Comcast is rolling out a new service to its cable subscribers with broadband Internet, according to a report by CNN.The move comes as Comcast’s shares fall, and as the cable industry continues to battle the arrival of the next generation of Internet-connected devices.Comcast will offer Internet-based email and webmail services that are powered by a custom software, said the CNN […]