How to set up your NBN to deliver faster broadband in 2019

The Federal Government has announced a $50 million NBN test programme aimed at finding out how the NBN will work for Australians in 2019.It has also promised to launch a new national broadband test programme for those in remote rural areas, which will be a big step in the right direction.The test is part of a broader effort to understand […]

How to get your broadband in your local area

How to buy a big river fibre-optic broadband package in your city article How you can access your favourite apps on the go using Google Fiber in the US and Canada.We’ve put together a list of all the big rivers fibre optic broadband options in the UK, and you can find them all here.What you need to know about Google […]

Why don’t you buy your TV from Amazon?

A lot of people have been looking to get their broadband from a company that is owned by Amazon and that also happens to be owned by Comcast.It’s not like Amazon’s prices are cheap or Amazon is a bargain, but Comcast and Amazon’s relationship has a history of going awry.Here’s why you probably shouldn’t buy a Comcast TV package, even […]

When It Comes To Shout, Morris is ‘In the Mix’

By: Adam P. F. Wilson The next few years of the next generation of high-definition video will bring new opportunities to viewers, but they’ll also bring new challenges for a lot of the biggest video distributors in the industry.The question that remains is, “How do you build a business around that?”And so far, the answer is, Morris Media is leading […]

Which countries are the best to get high-speed internet?

The top five countries to get access to high-end Internet are all located in Europe.The US, the UK, Canada and Australia are all among the best places to receive high-quality internet, according to the data from the Broadband Council of Canada.But the United States is often overlooked as a prime place to get the most bang for your buck when […]

Which Australian broadband providers are offering broadband at the highest speed?

Australia’s largest telco has just announced a deal to provide fibre-to-the-home service at speeds up to 4G speeds.AT&T and iiNet have signed a deal worth $30 billion.AT+S will provide a service that can deliver up to 400Mbps (up to 10 times the speed of current copper network) to consumers in the state of NSW and the Australian Capital Territory, and […]