How to fix broadband prices

It’s not just the government’s fibre optic broadband plan that’s hurting Australian broadband prices.With the NBN only getting under $80 million in subsidy for its first four years of operation, the cost of running a household on a $1,200-a-month NBN plan has jumped from about $700 a month in the early 2020s to more than $1.5 million in the first […]

When the Broadband Bubble Burst: An Interview with Mark Hulshoff Polanco

The internet is alive and well, and it is the reason we are having this conversation.But what does the internet look like today?And will it last forever?Mark Houlshoff polanco covers the telecom industry and the internet for New York magazine.This interview was originally published in the May 30, 2019 issue.

How to Stop Worrying About Net Neutrality

Net neutrality rules are going into effect this month, and a new wave of new wireless broadband plans are promising to offer more options for people who want to keep their Internet access intact.But they’re also raising some important questions.The question is: Are these new wireless plans good for consumers?Here’s what you need to know.1.Why Is The Wireless Industry So […]