AT&T’s Red, Bright, and Cheap Home Internet: The ‘Tiger’ in the DirecTV bundle

By Michael GrunwaldA new $60 Directv bundle for DirecTSL customers has been revealed, which includes the following features:1.The company has been rolling out its ‘Tigers’ DirecTLS bundle to Direc customers. 2. AT&t has offered an ‘all-in-one’ DirecsTLS box for $60. 3.AT&ts has bundled a new ‘all in one’ Direks package for $100.4.AT &ts has also bundled a Direks box for a more affordable […]

AT&T: Broadband Internet Providers Are Failing Us

AT&t’s broadband internet providers have been plagued by poor performance and slow speeds, leaving customers unable to connect to the internet and unable to access their other data services.Now, AT&ts internet provider, CenturyLink, is suing Verizon for $3.5 billion, arguing that Verizon has not adequately addressed customer concerns about broadband performance and customer service.Verizon has denied the claims. “The company is […]