Why is Comcast Cable now part of Comcast’s ‘One World’ network?

By JENNIFER STOCKMANThe Washington Post|September 26, 2018| 12:06:30In the years since Comcast bought Time Warner Cable in 2014, it has built the largest single-company broadband provider in the U.S. It has also built a massive data center that serves millions of subscribers in the Northeast and Midwest.It’s one of the few companies in the country that can offer a full […]

Why you can buy a Luminate broadband router for $300+

The Luminate is a high-end router designed for high-density internet access.It’s the best option for low-end home broadband users and those who want a wireless router that can be used with laptops, desktops, and tablets.Here’s what you need to know about it. Read more: