How to watch a movie on a broadband cable (without getting charged)

What a strange, bizarre and amazing internet.For the past few months, it’s been possible to watch movies online without being charged a penny for them.That changed on Wednesday, when the Federal Communications Commission voted to change the way that broadband internet service providers can charge customers for the use of their internet service.What you need to know about the FCC’s […]

How the Rise of Broadband Internet is Ruining Your Xbox One

Microsoft has announced a $20 million crowdfunding campaign to help Xbox One owners fix a major problem with its broadband internet: the rise of broadband cable.In the first of a series of announcements today, Microsoft announced that it will donate $20m to help fund “the largest Internet infrastructure investment in gaming history.”The Xbox One has been experiencing a number of […]

When Comcast starts buying Time Warner Cable, you can rest easy: it’s not over

In an unprecedented move, Comcast and Time Warner announced today that they’ve struck a deal to buy Time Warner’s $85 billion cable company.It’s a massive move for Comcast, which is already the largest cable provider in the US and the third-largest in the world.Comcast will own more than 80% of Time Warner and own or lease a majority of its […]

Broadband internet service providers to become ‘satellite internet providers’ in Western Canada

B.C.’s major telecommunications companies are set to become satellite internet providers in the province.BC Hydro is also in the process of acquiring a new telecom company, but the company’s CEO says it will not become a satellite internet provider.BC Telecom and Bell, which are currently negotiating terms of the merger, have each been trying to gain the approval of the […]

Telstra’s NBN could have more competition, experts say

Telstra has faced criticism over its controversial NBN project, with one expert saying it was not an NBN to compete with its rivals.Telstra CEO David Thodey spoke out on Monday to defend his company’s controversial plan to build a fibre optic network to cover 90 per cent of the nation’s premises by 2020.Mr Thodeys comments follow a report that the […]