Which broadband devices should you buy and what you can get for free?

We’ve all seen the commercials of the day, but if you’re not familiar with the term “broadband” (or just want to see what broadband has to offer), here’s what you need to know.1.Which Broadband Devices Are Worth Buying?1.1 What is a Broadband Cable Cord?Broadband cables are often sold as cable, but in reality, they’re just thin, flexible bundles of wires […]

When Liberty Broadband and the Comcasts Will Kick Us Out

The new FCC rules have not yet gone into effect, but the rules are expected to dramatically change the way Americans get broadband Internet.In order to get broadband, people are going to have to buy a lot of expensive equipment, including new routers, which are needed to provide the speeds.And they’re going to need a lot more bandwidth.A big part […]

Chisholmic broadband: The best broadband in the world?

A former Canadian telecommunications executive says there are still some broadband options available in the country.As of July 1, the government has no plans to introduce a broadband tax, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t alternatives.The problem is that the federal government is trying to get its hands on the vast majority of Canadians’ broadband, said John Chisholski, who left […]