Which broadband is the most effective for rural India?

The National Broadband Commission (NBFC) has recently set a new benchmark for rural broadband internet.Its aim is to provide broadband access to every person in the country within a month of being allocated a broadband connection.However, there is a large discrepancy between the two benchmarks.In India, where only a small part of the population uses the internet, a broadband access […]

How rural broadband is transforming the way we live

Rural broadband internet is becoming the dominant form of broadband, but how do we get there?article The most common way of delivering a rural broadband connection is by using a fibre optic cable.But many of the other ways are also possible.In this article we take a look at how we might build a rural fibre optic broadband network and what […]

Rural broadband internet service is on the brink of extinction

A rural internet service provider is facing a growing backlash over a proposed plan to sell its service to local authorities.The Government is set to introduce legislation to allow the sale of broadband services from small and medium-sized businesses to people on low and moderate incomes, after being urged to do so by the Business Council of Australia.In a letter […]