Why do people still use old broadband?

A bunch of people are still using old-style, fixed-line broadband in their home.It was supposed to be a thing of the past when you could buy a new phone for $30 and then upgrade it to a high-speed broadband connection for $20 a month.But there are still some things people are stuck with, and a new study finds that even […]

Apple announces new Oasis broadband stock

Apple has just unveiled its latest line of broadband products, which it says will deliver better internet service for consumers.The iPhone and iPad 5 and 6 smartphones feature LTE connectivity, making them the first phones and tablets to support the latest 4G network.They also have Apple TV streaming and the latest version of the company’s iMovie app, which offers high-quality […]

AT&T’s Red, Bright, and Cheap Home Internet: The ‘Tiger’ in the DirecTV bundle

By Michael GrunwaldA new $60 Directv bundle for DirecTSL customers has been revealed, which includes the following features:1.The company has been rolling out its ‘Tigers’ DirecTLS bundle to Direc customers. 2. AT&t has offered an ‘all-in-one’ DirecsTLS box for $60. 3.AT&ts has bundled a new ‘all in one’ Direks package for $100.4.AT &ts has also bundled a Direks box for a more affordable […]

How to sign up for Verizon Wireless and get a new email account and wireless broadband login

The best way to sign in to your Verizon account is to log in using the same login details you used to sign into your Apple or Google account.The only difference is that you’ll need to create a new Verizon account, not a new one.This means you’ll have to login again every time you use your account.And that’s the only […]