What is the FCC’s net neutrality rules?

After the FCC voted on Tuesday to approve rules that would prohibit ISPs from blocking, throttling, or slowing the transmission of online content, some in the broadband industry are expressing disappointment that the agency did not use more specific language that would have prevented these actions.The move was intended to clarify the agency’s previous language that prohibited such actions only […]

When is Bitcoin becoming the new ‘real money’?

The Bitcoin community is bracing for the launch of an open-source cryptocurrency called “real money” on Wednesday.Bitcoin has been used as a virtual currency for more than a decade, but its price has fluctuated wildly.Many believe that the cryptocurrency will be more stable than gold, which is widely used in the financial industry.In a blog post on Thursday, CoinDesk said […]

What You Need to Know About the $30 Million Price Tag on the New $25 Million Wi-Fi in Utah

In the coming weeks, the Federal Communications Commission will unveil a $25 million price tag for the next generation of the state’s network.As a result, Utah is taking on the next big challenge for the state to connect its entire population to the Internet, which is already widely available in the Salt Lake Valley.The Utah Public Utility Commission is the […]