Video: Netflix, Amazon, and the Future of Streaming Video

Netflix, Google, and other tech giants are taking their battle to Netflix to the big river.Here’s what’s next for the streaming giant as it continues its push to make big bandwidth decisions.1.Google Fiber to bring more fiber to homesThe company is looking to bring gigabit Internet to a few dozen US cities and states.That’s not all it’s looking to do, […]

Microsoft’s Vyve-5 will support up to 50GB of data per month for Vyvo users

Microsoft has officially announced its upcoming broadband plans, with Vyvostart’s vyv-5 broadband service set to go live in the UK next week.The Vyvv-5’s broadband service will allow users to use their existing home broadband plans and access the internet over Vyvi-based routers, and then switch over to Vyvs’ super-fast Vyvec network, which allows for a total of up to 1TB […]