How to get a cheaper internet package for your local broadband provider

A new Google News article offers a simple way to save money by subscribing to the broadband plans offered by your local internet provider.The article also suggests using Google’s new search engine to see which broadband plans are available to you, with an offer to see if you can buy one.Google News offers a search to find the cheapest internet […]

What You Need to Know about Wireless Internet at the Crossword Puzzle

What you need to know about wireless Internet at crossword puzzles?Thats because of a new law in Pennsylvania, which will soon require companies that offer “smart home” services to register with the state.Under the new law, home broadband providers like Google, Microsoft, Apple, and others will have to provide a “network monitoring report” to the state, and if they fail […]

Five new broadband options coming to WA, WA’s biggest telco warns

Five new Telstra broadband options are set to roll out across WA this month, with a Perth-based telco warning that the rollout is only getting underway in time for Christmas.Telstra will roll out five new services across the state over the next 12 months.Key points:Telstra is announcing new broadband services for customers in the state and is aiming to provide […]